09 August 2009


Sometimes things do somehow fall into place and you are reminded subtly that you are creating memories that not only your kids will (with luck) recall but yourselves as parents as well. Moments you want to savour, the cheery meandering of conversations, the light, smells and sounds. There were many of these in the last five weeks. On back porches, picnics on rolling midwstern country sides, and near campfires in the northern woods looking out at Lake Superior ….the squeals of kids in the background and the sweet company of old friends. Yes, feeling very revived and refreshed. The course now finished. It’s time for sewing, reading, painting, cooking and running.

The sounds of our neighbours trumpet echoing through the courtyard and fire works from Birgu's Festa pounding in the distance.... sweltering heat.. and the season of feasts. A fine welcome back to Malta. Best of all still fig season! This time a small kind (two inches rather than the earlier dark purple four inch size).... made some ice cream yesterday which came out quiet well. Roughly it was 250 ml fresh cream, 400 grams fresh peeled soft figs and 1/3 cup good quality honey. 


  1. Was so good to see you and enjoy some of those meandering conversations - oh how I miss them. I am glad you had a great trip and that you were able to connect with family and good friends...hopefully it will be a yearly thing. May you enjoy your time now to do all of the things you haven't had time to do for pleasure, and continue this time of renewal. Wish I could try to fig ice cream - sounds so yummy. Love Corrie

  2. Welcome back, Juniper! Hope to see you lots here!

    Big Kiss, Guusje


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