30 August 2009

oh new books!

Kid related tid bit, my other half brought this home for our airplane enthusiast (we so enjoyed his other book, both pictured). Really beautiful illustrations and both have very sweet stories. Ahem someone went to Scotland and someone stayed home. Sometimes your the sail sometimes your the anchor I suppose.

In any case I just had to share...


  1. This is our favorite!!! I bought the whole series, it's soooooo cool. Henry the book eating boy, How to catch a star, Lost and found.....

  2. Oh! We don't have the Book Eating Boy or Lost and Found but I intend to get them soon! I just love his illustrations and the little details.

  3. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am a bit slow at the moment in posting as it's not easy going out and about in this heat with my two children and me being nearly four weeks pregnant!! I will however get back to posting more frequent once baby is born and cooler weather kicks in. Feel free to browse around my malta blog and also my other blog dinaplanet.blogspot.com. Maybe we can even meet one day. I figure you live in the southern part of the island right?

  4. More great recommendations! I adore that "higher and higher" triptych!

  5. yeah!! these look great too!!
    thanks for sharing :)

    have a nice weekend


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