03 September 2009

For the kids

Sometimes you just need five minutes, to jump in the shower, run and grab the laundry off the line, finish the breakfast dishes or make a quick phone call. Am including (because I strangely enjoy making lists) a list of some of my kid's favourite youtube videos, most are 3-5 min long.
I admit I am a bad mother and have used them as bribes, such as "if you two can stop bickering and get your shoes, hats and coats on by the count of ten, you can watch the robot song".
Boy does it work! Better then sweets and I admittedly enjoy hearing them humming the songs throughout the day.
*I have listed the videos as the kids refer to them.


  1. Thank you for the list! I won't watch them now, but will use them during the day. Good Plan! Let me think...... you keep quit for an hour, so I can get a nap, then you can watch the robots, alright? (would it work? ;-))

    I love you tube finds. Big Kissssss

  2. You are so lucky! these look actually interesting for even a grown up to watch! We are stuck with watching the Czech truck trials! Seriously, it's a favorite. Though I do find myself singing "I don't know why Y didn't come" the norah jones song on sesame street.

  3. I did abstain from including Tano's all time favourite which he calls the car song, its by a Swedish band and is just a woman driving in a sports car at night but he has been a huge fan for the past two years without fail. Lucky for me he has taught himself to whistle so can whistle the beginning refrain whenever he likes. One of the favourite games we play while walking to school is the guess what song I am humming one- works well at restaurants too.

  4. OH, thank you!!! This is exactly what I need this week while we're all under the weather! My daughter and I love to watch youtube videos (since we don't have cable TV). Mostly, we watch animal videos, so I'm thrilled to have a few new things to add to our collection!

  5. Hope your daughter likes them, was surprised how much all (5,3,1) liked the water babies and funny bunnies. Hope you all get better soon, bit scary - the swine flu. Please do pass on any good animal clips, would love to share those with kids.


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