20 September 2009

Autumn Colours Day One

I am joining the colours of fall week suggested over at Elsie Marley and today is the start. In ode to the colours of fall I am missing, here is a picture of a fabric I am taken with and what comes to mind when I think of fall... a comforting cup of tea.


  1. I love autumn colours. Unfortunately we are not surroundedwith these colours in our country side but still autumn air and smells and colours are a feast to the eyes.

  2. Yes, it's true, it seems now days there is a return of things green, am enjoying seeing the fields return to life and the continuing awakening of flowers here. I admit though that the coolness in the evening air is begging me to make pumpkin ginger soup again and return to baking.

  3. I officially have teapot envy!! (I didn't even know that was possible!!)

    Love the pics


  4. I've had a yen to do this as well - I so love autumn colours! However my summer flower surfeit has thrown a bit of a wrench in the works.

  5. ps - if you are serious about finding a retro iPod dock, and are unable to find one, let me know and I can always order you one and ship it to you myself.

  6. W.D. you are very very kind, my birthday is around the corner so am hoping that if I hint enough, my other half may find one similar in the UK (usually things ship quickly from there).
    By the way I really like some of the flower shots you posted, the tiny white flowers, which almost look like snow in the distance was such a beautiful image.

  7. Stunning color on that teapot!


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