04 October 2009

A loss

I heard today that Mercedes Sosa died, the Argentinean singer, at age 74. Since first hearing her music while at University I have been taken with the power and emotion in her voice (and the beauty of the lyrics). She has been in some ways one of the  'themes' of this last year as little destructo has become addicted to hearing the ' ah ha' (as she refers to it song) ,  which is the song Maria Maria... she will not stop requesting it until she has heard it, I can safely say that I have heard this song well over 100 times over the last six months . I do however still like it.  Am saddened by the news of her death, and think I shall take some time today to hear her other songs.

(by the way ignore the video that goes with this song, it was the best sounding version I could find online)


  1. Folk music is not really my thing but I agree that she has a rather wonderful voice!! It's sad when the world looses a talent.

    C x

  2. Sorry I suppose folk singer is a bit of misnomer, her singing comes from her indigenous roots and this is classified as folk (although in the US she is found under world music), most of her songs are very political and had a great deal of impact within Argentina and the rest of South America. Glad you liked her voice (it is almost like a mans voice it's so deep).


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