24 October 2009

Pumpkin carving time!
the smalls drew the faces and I did the cutting.


  1. I love the Sepia button! Beautiful pics!

    We just opened the package and we love, love it all. The book, the drawings so beautiful, the clothes are fab, every single piece. And I love the thought that your girls worn them before. I love your handmade blouse for Stella, so cool!
    Is Carolina now official Liliane? I really would love to use both names for Poppy Juniper. They are both so pretty and they suit her well.

    Thank you for the potholder, We will use it!

    Lots of love, Guusje and all.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun!!

    C x

  3. love the pumpkin face. what fun!

  4. It was fun, but manic, and sadly I am now thinking they will not last till next weekend! The faces they drew were really funny, wish I had taken more photos, but my hands were covered in pumpkin guts. Luckily a friend was visiting and snapped these few.
    Sepia- ahh solved the problem of three kids whose clothes were pretty dirty ( we had just come from a muddy park). With sepia all those muddy marks all kind of blends in!

  5. How fun! Great pictures too!

    Actually it looks so fun I think I will make one for thanksgiving dinner next month :)

  6. I must try my hands at pumpkin carving this year.


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