26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Childhood home
 Am missing the smell of a cooking turkey and the zesty tang of cranberries and orange zest bubbling on the stovetop. Then  there is the busy whirr of tidying the house, polishing the silver, finding the good linen and usually borrowing extra chairs from neighbours. Someone vacuuming, someone playing old Marvin gay albums and some combinations of the sisters beginning on the evenings sweets while drinking tea or wine and chittering like birds. Digging up grandma's stained hand written recipe for pumpkin muffins, or opening the heavy volume of Joy of cooking looking for just the right gravy tips. Brothers trudging off in the snow for the last minute forgotten items.
The temperature in Wisconsin would usually start to have that sharp cold edge and occasionally with the darkening afternoon light came the quiet entrance of snow. I come from a big family and during the Thanksgiving meal it always multiplies to include old family friends, new partners, new children and any visitors who happen to be in town that day.
Am thankful today for good friends close and far and family in all the spread out places you are, and for having a home, and being able to cook food for the ones i love (even if they complain). My heart goes out to those who are far away from loved ones and those that may not be living in safety and warmth.

* Here in Malta its 80 degrees, sunny and just like any other day. A work day, a school day a hang out the laundry and run to the shops for milk day but I am baking some pumpkin for a pie.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the pumpkin pie!

  2. I grew up in a small family - just my mum, papa and me, and we traveled constantly, so thanksgiving was a bit of an on-the-fly thing, not a big family event. My husband, though, has one of those families you describe - and you describe the process so perfectly! I don't always get along with my in-laws - they are oh so very different from my family, but I do enjoy the mechanations of a big family holiday with all the cousins and nieces and nephews and stragglers. we will be doing that today. Wishing you happy pumpkin-baking!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, warm and happy!

  4. I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

    C x

  5. Thank you Carol and Jesse! Pumpkin pie was nearly perfect!

    Maia, hope you survived and enjoyed the chaotic hubbub of a big family Thanksgiving this year!

    Maggie May- hope that your enjoying the thanksgiving weekend !

  6. Touched my heart, darlin. You'll always have a place at the table (and in the kitchen!)

  7. Will be there next year I hope, sometimes Wisconsin feels so very very far away.

  8. this year was my first ex pat Thanksgiving. even though hubby had to work I pulled the kids from school and we made the feast and had the neighbors over in the evening. not a thanksgiving at home but still a special day

  9. Shayne, I celebrated it the first three years away from the states but now it's been 8 years ( we lived in the UK before coming to Malta) and I admit I have let it slip. But I think for the kids sake I will do what you did next year (yes husband was away this year on the day and it is hard to get the energy up to do it on your own). Well done for making it happen!


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