25 November 2009

Hello again!

Been away- sorry the silence.

First was knocked down with a cold and a two year old who decided it was high time to act the part in all the frustrating determined will-power ways she can.
Second was a birthday (this time my own) so no party favours to make.
And hey hey a trip- minus children!!
I love my children, every inch of their teeny grubby (did I say that?!) little bodies but a three day break with the Mr. was absolutely grand. First time we have been alone together in five years (for more than a night)- amazing that it's been so long!! The sheer delight of simply checking ones bags in at the air port and strolling (safely and calmly through duty free bottles of expensive alcohol (usually this is a continuation of high stress due to the three free ranging sets of hands running in usually three different directions ensues).
So even that first hour alone together waiting for our gate to be posted was like the honeymoon we never had! To meander our way through a new city, no time schedule, good beers to try, nice wholesome dark bread around every corner and so many nice cafes!! Best of all was to lie in bed, reading the paper or talking - UNINTERRUPTED...so am  feeling revived and wanting to relocate to  Germany.

rather fancy this as my house.....
A few pics of Munich- a truly delightful city!!

 I even got a small taste of fall!!! The smell and crunch of some autumn leaves... love love loved it!

Hope you all have been well!
p.s. I may have to post a few more Germany pictures, was mighty charmed by our visit!


  1. That sounds like a fabulous trip! My hubby and I took a trip, just the two of us, for our 10th wedding anniversary. We went to Niagara Falls. It's been 4 years now, but boy was it great to get away! Happy Belated Birthday. Great photos, as always.

  2. Ohh, sounds great and so you have been "round the corner" - we live at Starnberger See, 20 Min away from Munich.

    I haven't been away for a night for 3,5 yrs now and yes, I am looking foreward to having a few days with my Mr. in a couple of years (the little one will have to be a bit taller I guess and Mommy will have to let go a bit more...).

    Kind regards Nina

  3. Jemm, yes I think this trip will hold us for some time, it was so refreshing, and nice to now that the children where in very capable loving hands- their grandparents. Thank you for the birthday wishes and as regards the photos!

  4. No (sorry am not sure how to type the o with dots!)
    your a lucky lady to live in these parts, mountains and lakes and plenty of greenery near you! There is a lot of stone here in Malta and I miss a bit of green wilderness. Yes, at the ages of 5,4,2 it was more the Mr. who arranged things with the grandparents- was all a surprise and at first it did feel weird to be flying away from the kids.

  5. Welcome home and Happy Birthday. Weekend trips without kids are great and an important part of a relationship. Besides kids love spending time with their grandparents and vise versa.

  6. Happy Birthday and welcome back! What a lovely "honeymoon"! We have only twice been away from our kid even for the length of a movie ;) And what beautiful shots of Germany...I've never been!

  7. i visited germany in winter and it looked very different from your pictures here. i hope you'll post more soon because they look lovely.
    what a responsibility being the mother of three small children!

  8. did i see some of the comments wishing you happy birthday?
    well then HAPPY BIRTHDAY juniper!!!
    here's to wishing lots more blog posts from you!

  9. Thank you for the birthday wishes!
    Yes, Priya, we were expecting at least a bit of snow but alas it is an unusually warm November this year. Maybe next year we will time it better (we were also a week too early for the christmas markets).

  10. I was checking your blog everyday to see some pictures of your trip to Munich!
    Hey, I love this house too, you'll invite me for a tea when you'll get it, I hope!

  11. Elise, am so flattered you were checking for pictures! Yes, few more to come. We had our camera stolen on the first day, so had to make due with one cheap new one and only one day in which we had it with us as we wandered about the city.

  12. Beautiful, Juniper!!!
    You look gorgeous, in your red sweater.
    Your present is more suitable when you visit your lovely parents house, i now realize, sorry about that!
    big kisses!


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