28 November 2009

Told you I was charmed, here are just a few more... admit I am a fan of the palat in Munich .. a lot of natural earth tones... did come to the conclusion that mustard yellow and this kind of orange seem to be  the city's signature colours.

Chocolate and jewlery shop...not a bad combo.
 Yes Schmuck is Jewlery, (it's not how my mother used it growing up).

The coolest paper store I have ever seen, I walked in and thought that just maybe I had died and gone to heaven... the walls were covered in the most exquisite papers, (three rooms worth, floor to ceiling)..

A seriously dangerous for a person such as myself.... I think I looked as if I was seeing god.... mouth open in a daze of disbelief.
Pictures can not do it justice. I did come out with a blank book to add recipes too.

Wish I had taken some shots of their Japanese paper section... it was very inspiring. Such beauty.

See, we caught fall!!!  Just at the end of her golden exit.

And back we are to Malta... weekend stroll in the countryside with friends.


  1. Beautiful...beautiful...thanks for sharing :-)

  2. It looks lovely! We visited Germany, Black Forest Area, and Zurich a while back with Callum but Munich looks fantastic! Now I have the travel bug, thanks so much for sharing. Is so nice to see it through your lovely eye!

  3. Welcome back, my dear friend. Schmuck, we use it in your mother's way ;-)

    Glad you had a good time, how are the kiddies?

    Big Kiss, Guusje

  4. So you've been right around the corner where we used to live in Munich for some time... In the paper shop I've been as well and thank you for reminding me of it - I have forgotten about it (how could I??).

    I have to look for Schmuck & Schokolade though, looks delicious and I know some guys who will be happy for a Chocolate Christmas present.

  5. Just gorgeous photos! What a wonderful place. What kind of camera do you use? Do you use photoshop or any other program? Your photos are so crisp and clear. I'd LOVE to learn how to take photos like that. Congrats on your citizenship on your newest post. That must make life easier for you. Cheers! XO

  6. Jemm,
    Oh your sweet, no I don't have photoshop and the camera I use is a very basic digital canon (ours was stolen in Germany so we replaced it with another pretty small digital one) its a Canon PowerShot SD1200IS.

  7. No, you will find the chocolate and jewellery shop just across the street from the paper shop.

  8. Gorgeous photos!
    And congratulations on your citizenship too!


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