04 December 2009

Counting down the days

Advent time, this is the middle picture of a three part advent calendar we brought back from Germany, really like this artist's style (Binette Schroeder).
Other happenings in these parts, that post graduate teaching course (madness) of last year is completed, graduation was last night. Yippy!  Bit of champagne and donned the gown. Rain and christmas sewing projects in the wings now.


  1. ohw! i loove binette schroeder!
    my childhood fav' is lupineke, by her hand.

    very beautiful calendar that is!

  2. What a great calendar! I LOVE advent calendars!! Have ever since I was small. When I was in college my mum would send me one every year...I wish she still did. I miss that.

  3. Pien, Lupineke is on my wish list, I have only just come across the artist due to the calendar but would very much like to see more of her art work.

    WD I so agree, it is a nice tradition, must admit I do like the ones with pictures inside the windows instead of chocolate. Both have their merits I suppose!

  4. That is a beautiful advent calendar. So happy to have stumbled upon your blog...Ciao from Sicily!


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