01 December 2009

Today I picked up my official Maltese citizenship, so guess what..as of today I am Maltese !
(and American) can finally join the rest of my family in the EU passport line.


  1. That is so exciting! Yay for quicker lines at the airports hehe. How long did it take you to receive your citizenship might I ask? Again congrats :o)

  2. Congratulations! I didn't know very much about Malta before reading your blog. I'm inspired by you!

  3. Angela, five years of marriage and a year and half once we got here to process the paper work.

    Thanks! Am still working on my Maltese, may take me some time, it certainly isn't an easy language.

    Freckled Hen, It is a pretty small island and even at passport control in the states my other half gets some pretty sceptical looks...as if it's not a real country.

  4. Congratulations! Malteser ;-)

  5. How exciting! Congratulations! And good luck with the Language, always a challenge learning a new one!

  6. How Exciting, Congratulations! Good luck learning the language!


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