25 January 2010

Film Review

A little behind on the mark, forgive me, but at last I saw this film and I just have to do a wee review.

The verdict: It was not a bad film, a fine film actually, especially in regards to the visuals and the sound track.
I liked the rest of the film too , acting, story line and so on, the idea of three estranged brothers coming together under one bossy eldest brothers expectant sprirtual itinerary.  It's a particular kind of humour, for me it worked.  It is a little slow but while waiting you can  savour the colours and textures of the set and the scenery.
Parting thought upon reaching the end of the film : must find a way to get a room on this train. 

* Would not mind seeing a part two of this film, perhaps that's just me, coming from a big family-  all kinds of family dynamics.


  1. thanks for this. I am amazed that you noticed the little boy behind the tree in the painting on caramelcaramelo. I had not. Thanks for pointing that out, it changed a lot of how I perceived the scenery and of course the relation between these children playing. Kenza.

  2. I love the color schemes and visuals in this film so much that, even without a plot, it could carry me. But then I am a huge Wes Anderson fan in every way. His sense of humor, his timing, the music that he uses, and particularly his visual references and sense of color...it all pushes every single one of my buttons. I'd like to past every frame from this film on my wall.

  3. Maia, I totally agree with you, especially the pasting every frame to my wall!

  4. I've never even heard of the film!! It looks (and sounds) like my cup of tea :-D

    C x

  5. Carol, go rent it, its perfect for a grey rainy day!

  6. It's been a while since we've watched this film. I do remember liking it and thinking it was something out of the ordinary and quite funny too. I love Owen Wilson so you couldn't go wrong for me. Another TERRIFIC one is "The Royal Tenenbaums". Kind of dark, but very good and funny.

  7. Jemm, I liked Royal Tenenbaums but Rushmore, the earlier film even more. Dark and funny too.


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