26 January 2010

For my sister Lily who loves chickens (over at Ten Finger Workshop),  how I wish we lived a bit nearer.
I came across the lovely painting here, it is by the talented artist of Big Bang Studio. Who by the way has a upcoming show for those in the California area.


  1. Good looking bird.

  2. really nice painting indeed! I'll check the link. And thank you for your kind wishes on caramelcaramelo. have a lovely day. kenza.

  3. I thought that chicken looked familiar!

  4. Thank you Jupe, I love you & miss you too. I just fed the chickens not more than 2 min. ago. Love to see your life here. I'll call today.

  5. Heavens! Thanks Juniper, you sweet new friend! What a flattering surprise to come across a familiar henny face on C+O.

    And p.s., you aren't going to believe this, but I studied WHITE TARA as well!!! Tsagaan Tara is how they say in Mongolian. I also studied Shri Devi, the wrathful dharmapala. So much more to discuss- more soon.



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