28 March 2010

Starting off the week

No this is not Malta, but it certainly caught my eye. This photo was taken in Holloko, Hungary. 'A girl tries to avoid being drenched as boys throw water during a pre-Christian fertility ritual known as 'watering of the girls' It is part of the Guardian's daily 24 hours in pictures. Here are a few more


  1. Nice! I also like these series on The Guardian, as well as the photos of the day on the BBC, always interesting. Have a lovely week!

  2. The hungarian style would be very much appreciated to be done by the kids - watering the Mommy... but not for fertility reasons though.

  3. The first photo makes me think of Songkran...water festival in Thailand. The entire country turns into a water fight for three days....it's impossible to arrive anywhere dry!!

    C x

  4. Carol,
    I think I remember something similar in Nepal, but it was also with coloured chalk being thrown (and not just at the women). I think it was also around this time of year.

  5. I love 24 hrs in pictures, and that water one is just gorgeous. An illustration out of a fairytale come to life.

    ps - I'm still going to do the tree post! Have not forgotten. Waiting for the first buds to pop...might be today!

  6. Poor girl! Thanks for the link, I will check it out :^) Happy new week, xo.


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