25 March 2010

Happy Friday

May your creative juices be flowing.


  1. They are! I've been screen printing yesterday evening and made an awesome tiger in horrifying funny colors.
    My boys though.....they can have a little help. All they do is play outside and boss around the little girls. Really! I'm sure they would love to hear this over and over again when they are sixteen, but now, boy, I even invited girls for playdates to get them used to there manuals.

    Big Kisssssss!

  2. Adorable! and thank you! Have a wonderful Friday and week end as well.

  3. very sweet! i believe the pics are great...

  4. Oh they are!

    Love the feeling this photo evokes in me.

  5. They suddenly looks so big! Where did the baby go?

  6. I love to see kids being creative together!

    btw I have not forgotten about your tree post...but we have a rain/snow mix moving in tonight and tomorrow. SO not conducive to photography. By Monday it's supposed to be sunny and summery, and I have a feeling the flowering trees will start! So I'm holding out a couple days more...

  7. how could they not flow in that environment! gorgeous...

  8. Thank you, it's just our little wee yard. The kids are painting, the colours have all been mixed into a nice blue grey by little D- the enthusiast.

  9. Maia, no rush on the tree post, whenever you get the chance and the inspiration!

  10. Oh,they are sooo sweet!!!!!!!
    Thanks for this lovely shiny pic and for helping the birdie! ;)


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