24 March 2010

Wednesday's Corner View: Local Architecture

Just under the wire, 
but how I could I sleep tonight knowing I had passed up this week's theme 
(lucky for me I have quite a few street and building shots taken from my walks around the island).

For more corner views go here


  1. Those buildings are amazing! I love the jolt of bright color. My favorite is the first photo of the narrow street.

  2. Juniper these are beautiful! (it seems all my comments to sound the same--but your posts are really lovely! -- I will check the thesaurus for other words than beautiful and lovely...) I hope you are feeling better and thanks for this cyber trip to such a hum... stunning place!

  3. I was so looking forward to see what you would share. As usual, not disappointed. :)


  4. My favorite is also the first pic...that light is like a magnetic force that end of the alley drawing me in, beckoning...beautiful.

  5. That first photo is of a street we particularly like in Mdina, its called Sofija street (Triq) , and if it had not been for a not so kind Greek Supervisor Adrian had of the same name while working in the UK, Stella could have been called Sofija, after this enchanting street in the silent city.

  6. OMG!Super shots!!!!!!!!!!!What a beautiful places!

  7. Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire.
    Quelle belle idée ce changement de vie .
    Je découvre Malte que je ne connaissais pas du tout.
    Bonne soirée.

  8. I'm discovering Malta too. What a gorgeous unspoiled place. I love the enclosed balconies that look a little Indian/middle Eastern and the beautifully sculptured angels and saints. Breathtaking!

    Someday will you give us a quick history of the island and remind us how you landed there? Sounds like there are many influences.

  9. What a magic place! I do not know Malta, but that tempts me to come there. Thank you for the kind message on my blog. Bye for now!

  10. wow! these are wonderful! so much history- it´s pretty awesome:) have a great weekend!

  11. beautiful shots and lovely architecture.


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