17 May 2010

"What doin?"

Funny how you can go about your day attempting to be oh so serious and adult, like say trying to take a nice close up shot of a fresh bunch of local garlic (because you recently learned garlic originated from Afghanistan and got a little inspired to buy and make something with green garlic),
when you spot at the last second
 a little face, fingertips and curious eyes.
"What do-in mama?!"
Little D is as mischievous as ever,  now days on tip toe she can peer over the table, reach the computer mouse from standing by my side at the desk, and is very agile at dragging chairs round the kicthen to have a closer look at any kind of cooking or sewing I am up to. Today she was pretending to 'go fishing' through the bars of the staircase with a wooden yoyo, swinging it with such force that she nearly knocked out her big sister. 
May your week be starting off with pleasant surprises. 
(Mine is starting of with lots of sneezes and a bit of a cold, there has been a mighty wind blowing round the island lately perhaps there is some connection). 


  1. How sweet! I love that picture with her little face peeking over the edge. So cute! I have never heard of green garlic. How is it different than the garlic here in the States?

  2. Little D is a cutie! New things and changes everyday... :^)

    Chase that cold away! xo

  3. She looks so cute! and concentrated on her new discovery! absolutely adorable.

  4. Green garlic is 'young' garlic a bit like spring onions... it is sweeter and you can having it raw with food or else in roast rabbit mmm lovely!:)

  5. Yes, that's exactly what I was told and what I have used it for, it was nice in fish cakes as well.

  6. Sooooo cute!!! I like that garlic too. :) get well soon :)

  7. Our little man is havint the "Whyyyy?" time at the moment. In German oyu say "Warum?" and he says "Wahummm?" it is so sweet and everything he sees and we do is being connected with the why? question - I can now remember when the tall girl had this time - sweet!

    Colds, sneezes, fever and cough here as well! Get better soon all of you and lets hope for warmer days to come!

  8. Stay well...M is at this same point, but there is also a twinge of "I do it all myself" behind her words. The requests for independence mixed with desire for love and comfort is so present these days.

  9. So cute! I am very familiar with the chairs being dragged around to allow access to things that were long out of reach...not always with good consequences. Curious little mouse!


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