31 October 2010

Hope you all had a happy Halloween weekend!

* The birthday party was fun and went better than expected, egg races, chinese latern making and all
...sorry only a small smidgen of  photos to share as I was on the run from start to finish! 


  1. egg races, sounds like it the birthday party was alot of fun. and I love the carved pumpkins.

    Have a great start of the week!

  2. What a great birthday party... and then a Halloween party to round out the week! Your photo collage of the family event is so sweet. Hope your week is good and not too hectic!


  3. Truly precious! They are all so grown up now! Amazing! Lots of kisses to all. (and you look so nice!) --I owe you a looong email... it seems in these latitudes days have less than 24 hours or is it just that Petit Caramel is more time consuming?!)


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