02 November 2010

Small finds and fresh air

Small finds.... 

My middle child, 
She  who lives for sweets and has eyes like a magpie- 
  she who is clever at finding small hidden treasures,
 she who will soon be five is now up to new silent past times, 
little creations that I have been stumbling upon in my efforts to 'put the house back in order' 
(my first month of full time teaching has knocked my socks off and the house is hidden in layers of laundry and toys). I have been coming across small neatly made displays, small towers decorated with coins, flowers and left over ribbons, small boxes within boxes with tiny rings, a feather or two and special rocks neatly lined up with care...

 I have come across these under the desk, under the stairs, under her bed, under her sisters bed, next to where the cat sleeps, next to the stack of boots...and who knows where else I will find them, she never announces them to us (the way our oldest son does when he has made anything). 
I am loving these little discoveries. Here are two I took photos of today.

My stone (feather, marble, flower) collector

Fresh air - because it is mid term holidays here, 
which means three days off this week 
 I am very relieved to have this small break, to clean, to bake, to hang out with the kids and play dominos and not least to catch some sunshine in the nearby forest. 
(I even managed to read a few pages of the Sunday paper!) 


  1. Sorry to hear you're having trouble going back to work. I bet you'll get a system down soon. Your kiddos sound like mine. Little collectors. They each have several "treasure" boxes. Your 3 days off sound great. Enjoy!

  2. looks like you have someone with the soul of a poet and the hands of an artist (nice toys as well) and she is gorgeous on the outside too?! wow!

    enjoy your time off.

  3. Such a nice feeling emanates from this post... Your little middle one is a treasure in and of herself! Enjoy your time off.

  4. truly beautiful...
    thank for these so poetic discoveries!

  5. I love her collections, and her eye for bright things! What joy, to come upon the things that children imagine.

  6. What beloved treasures. She does have the eyes of an artist. Just love it.


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