04 November 2010

Happy Friday

Check out THIS clip if you haven't yet


  1. I love it!, I first I thought the first guy was going to propose! then I kept watching..I love the expression of the travelers, smiles! and then the 'guys are back'song that was fun, and the guy with a shocked look on his face. LOL

    You made my day! *smiles*

  2. Oh my, I am totally teary, I must miss you!

  3. Glad you liked it! It brought a smile to my face as well.

    Lily, I am looking forward to a wintery home coming at Christmas, miss you all too.

  4. Can't promise a welcome quite like that one (which was so wonderful, I'm tearing up too). We'll start working on the choreography for ORD.

  5. Oh!! I'm so glad I watched this. It's fantastic, I love it ! I had to share this on my blog, thanks for sharing.

  6. hello! (Ican't watch it from where I am, too bad... when I get to more open,... well another place I'll try since it sounds so nice!) In the meantime a little something on my blog if you feel like it. Kisses!


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