06 February 2011

After a little lazy reading

with the kids

(this book comes highly recommended)

on a Saturday morning.......
coffee and a full 

we went off on a little adventure 
down a new road......

Past the wheat fields, green with new growth

Near the sea

Beyond a tower 

to a windy field filled with yellow flowers
not long after sitting the winds changed 
and dark clouds covered the horizon so back we came... 
and just in time! 


  1. ♥♥♥
    We love the Oliver Jeffers, already have the heart in the bottle? Kiefer was so, so surprised!
    big xGuusje

  2. sounds like a fun book. I recently purchased the Llama Llama red pajama book for Beli. She loves it! It's fun to read the line rhyming.

    What a fun weekend. Look at all those catcus (plural?).awwww If I close my eyes I can hear the waves.

  3. It's good to see a glimpse of this side of the world. I'm glad you stayed dry!

  4. You live on a beautiful island!

  5. oh! What joy to come and visit you! Have a great week sweet Juniper...

  6. This post is so pretty- both your words and your pictures. Thanks for taking us along! I'll look for the book, it looks good.

  7. I'll have a look at this book :)) I love that path you took. Is that around your areas ?

  8. OH what a lovely day! From books, to breakfast, to that wonderful landscape. Lucky girl.

    I want to walk on that path sometime... also after a nice warm breakfast and good book! xo

  9. Thanks for taking us along on your outing. I could feel the breeze and scent the freshness of Spring.

  10. What a lovely weekend u spent! Were those photos taken in the southern area of the island?

  11. I love adventure and what a beautiful place to live for adventure!

  12. i will check out the book (did your kids like it?). and, wow, you live in a very beautiful place. even with thunder clouds it looks pretty great.

  13. For those of you who asked these photos were taken not far from Marsaxlokk, close to Delimara.

  14. Gorgeous pictures, and I am definitely going to buy that book...looks amazing!


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