14 February 2011


from that city by the sea that I once called home- Brighton, England.
Slipped away solo for a few days to visit with friends, walk the lanes, and enjoy scrumptious delights in little cafes and restaurants. Feel very lucky to have been able to take the trip. 
Back now to Malta and to the task of guiding my students towards that looming horizon called mid yearly exams... off to steer the ship of anxious (and a few very rowdy) youths.


  1. Oh!! if only I could slip away for a few days too :)) ...... so far I'm getting six hours a week in a very cold lecture room :)) Yep.... I've gotten myself into studies again , I just hope I will manage.. finding time to study is proving a little difficult :((

  2. Hello! I am so happy you took the time to go. It must have been wonderful! I love the photos... Maybe you want Petit Caramel as a student? I think he behaves rather well and seems full of energy! Many kisses.

  3. So glad that you had a mini-escape to refresh your purpose and outlook. It is important to grab those opportunities as they appear...

    Hope that it was enough to get you through the challenges of students and exams!


  4. Brings back memories to see Brighton - I loved my 7 months there doing a masters course. Miss the seafront jogs and live single and free! Keep blogging for us Juniper - hope this little mention on maltainsideout spurs you on!

  5. YOur very kind Liz! Thank you for mentioning my blog.
    Funny enough it was while studying for my masters and jogging along the sea front that I met my husband!


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