17 February 2011

What one brings back from England (part 1)

Aside from hmm hmmm perhaps an item or two of clothing from H&M or White Stuff
is a BOOK! 
or two!
Am already lost in it and LOVING this book(thank you Adele), 
especially for those who have lived or traveled in India (or Nepal)you will 
with really enjoy this one!

Book 2 was
yet another you-know-what...(cookbook!)
I have a problem, I am a sucker for a nice looking cookbook,
this one is all vegetarian and will be put to use this weekend.


  1. love your books reviews Juniper..... :))
    well done especially to the Oliver Jeffers one and the 'Moro' cook book ;)

  2. Glad you had a get-away and were able to buy yourself some treats...though they always say don't judge a book by its cover I think that cover is splendid!
    Happy weekend to you...

  3. Hello! Oh I read "White Tiger" on my way to India in Oct 2008 where as you know I ended up staying for two years. The book is so good and so so real! Many kisses... Love your cook book!

  4. Wish we where there. Last summer we went for a holiday in Brighton. We stayed there for ten days in Chesham Place near Brighton Marina. We enjoyed it a lot walking in those Parks like Hove, Preston, Queens Park. Apart the fantastic views of Devil's Dyke and Stanmer Park. My husband's family lives in Brighton and he has the Cafetteria at Preston Park (Rotunda Cafe)


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