21 February 2011

Not far away

My heart and mind keep coming back to what is happening just miles from this island....
(photo from the the Al Jazeera site)

a few minutes ago I read this quote from one of the few voices able
to come out of Libya at the moment (as you probably know the internet for the most part is being blocked and foreign journalist are not allowed in the country).

(From the BBC World news live feed on the Middle East and North African unrest)
11:40 pm 21st Feb.
Mohamed from Tripoli in Libya sent this: "President Clinton said that the one thing he regretted during his presidency was that he didn't intervene in Rwanda. Will President Obama regret not intervening in Libya... You can stop this so please don't stand and watch us fade away."

His words send chills down my spine, I hope someone from the outside does something 
(besides verbally condemn the voilence) soon.


  1. I agree with you, something needs to be done. I'm sick of hearing the statements made by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others that they "strongly condemned violence in Libya and called on the Libyan government to respect the rights of its people". I'm sorry but their words are not going to help...they can talk all they want but until they get off their butts and put something into action, nothing will happen and the situation will continue to grow worse as it is on a daily basis it seems.

  2. I completely agree. Obama must act. Period.


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