20 February 2011

Fancy a walk?

Am taking you along with us again, hope you don't mind. 
A small morning hike.

This time- Northward.
Following the remains of a road, past an old man and his horse training for what looks like the charriot races, some friendly dogs and a church tucked up among the cliffs ( a place near Mtahleb) 
the wild winds howling away.
The raging rain storm having left the land looking a bit shaken. 

A cheery yellow dog leading us along (notice that little cluster of houses below).

Down the hill past blooming almond trees. 
Tall wispy fennel plants and groves of lemon trees heavy with fruit.
Down through what seemed to be a ghost village, of 7 or 8  buildings, only one looked like there may be someone living in it.... the others had been abandoned and left to the elements... 

Then past a tiny cared for vineyard

to a place where a smal stream trickled by and tadpoles were spotted

through something like a bamboo jungle

past banana trees!

and pretty little flowers 
(wish I knew their name)

**That yellow dog spent the whole morning with us and then jumped in the car between the kids, as if he belonged there.  Felt cruel to drive off and leave him behind watching us, 
such a happy cheerful fellow. 

Back home.
Windblown and rosy cheeked, date scones and a pot of hot tea.


  1. What a delightful walk on your beautiful island... That view of the terraced green land below your vantage point and the sea in the distance... stunning!


  2. Oh what a magical walk filled with ocean, creeks, almond trees, and vineyards. I can see the wind blow by the crests on the sea!

    Hope the little dog belonged to someone. Maybe the homes down below?

  3. I loved to walk with you! beautiful landscapes. dates sones... yummy! thank you for the visit

  4. Wow! What a walk. I envy you the blossoms and green. We are still stuck in winter for another 3 or 4 weeks. The forecast for Friday is another snow and ice storm. I could weep! But, oh, your beautiful walk is almost like a mini vacation, at least for my eyes. Just beautiful.

  5. I love to be taken along on your hikes...such a beautiful and exotic place you live in. I love exploring a land I've never seen with my own eyes. Thank you!

  6. Hi

    I'm from Malta too and I was so amazed at the way your photography captures the beauty of Malta and Gozo! Wow - you truly have done a great job!

    Keep in touch - we live outside Gharghur.

    Nikki x


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