24 February 2011

Ode to Wisconsin

the place where I am from

 how I wish I was there now to lend my voice and support. 
Click HERE to see more
on whats going on.

Or as seen in the papers - The Guardian , BBC , Al Jazeera, New York Times


  1. You're with us in spirit and that means a lot.

  2. A true example of what would make our forefathers proud!
    The freedom of speech and fighting for what we believe in.

  3. i wasn`t here for a while. that new blogheader is amazing. 3 years - fantasic :) great post...

    nice weekend, yours dani

    p.s. i love the boat houses from gozo...

  4. Hello! Yes I saw the news about Wisconsin. What a shame... union busting won the day I guess. And I saw your previous post, very good the one on Libya. Thinking of you as so many are ending up on your shores. I loved the "bleu" post. I hope you are all well. Many kisses. Will write an email soon. Promise!

  5. This weekend there were 100,000 protesting at the capitol (in the snow) and other protests in support of them across the entire country and still it looks very likely that it will pass!


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