23 September 2008

Back to Basics

So check out this piece of local equipment , I trekked my lot down to Birgu (no easy feat) as there is more than one odd five way intersection with no attention to pedestrian needs between us and this play ground I had spotted. After a long slow 35 min journey there, the park appeared completely closed and locked which was really a disappointment especially as I didn't quite know how to keep the gangs spirits up with this end goal now just beyond reach. Had some kind of an odd interaction with an old man who shrugged and said tomorrow 8 or something to that effect to finally realize that if we just lifted on one lever and pushed hard against the other door it slid open- (was wrapped in a chain with a locked padlock on one part of it) did still appear locked from the outside. What a nice mix of very old school (but newly painted) metal kids play equipment, particularly liked this horse- it kind of swayed back and forth in a galloping way. And you could fit five little ones on it at the same time- brilliant! My three did have a go all at once but sadly no hand to take a photo as Stella needed some stabilizing.

So the park trip was quite a long trek before dinner time but ended up bringing loads of giggles and shrieks of excitement. So nearly worth it.

On my mind-
Not so into the RAI Italian Tv shows here  and thinking of investing in a tv series to get me through cold damp winter nights here- so as I am pretty out of the loop on whats on in America (am just now getting into Lost here on DVD) what can anyone out there advise... am thinking maybe Weeds or something called The Wire? Or Mad Men? 

sorry- am totally open to a British series too


  1. I highly recommend Weeds and House. Both of which can be found quite readily on Bittorrent (I use piratebay.org and ignore all the personal ads that are so obviously not girls from Chile).

    A should be able to provide you with technical support for downloading them. Getting them to play on your TV is another matter entirely.

  2. The Wire is probably the best television drama EVER, but it is gritty. Fantastic scripts, and a cast that never fails to amaze you---I highly recommend it.

    Mad Men is great, too. American advertising in the early 60s. Great insights into the roles people were squeezed into back then.

    The Office (British and American), but you've probably seen those---same as Arrested Development. SO funny.

    Have you seen Six Feet Under? I would be jealous if you haven't. ;)

  3. Jupe-

    what a great/beautiful/interesting blog you've created. keep it going!

    sorry you didn't love "once"- i did!



  4. I really liked deadwood or carnival ( pretty dark) but we looked forward to those dvd's every week or so. we started the wire with mixed results, it's only the first season though.

  5. Hi J. I love Weeds. Sam and Karla loved Mad Men which I totally missed. Love the park picture. I spent many a happy hour at the park in our village as a kid on a horse exactly the same as that. It was removed a few years ago when the playground got a refurb. When I went to Baileys last year they had one for sale. If I had had a large garden and money to spend I would have snapped it up. Oh happy horsey days! Great to see what your all up to and to be able to visualise where you are.
    Annie xxx

  6. Oh my god! The Wire, the Wire and The Wire. It is gritty, that is true but it's the smartest conversation about urban problems in the U.S. that has ever been had. Also, love 6 feet under, I literally feel like a part of the family. By the way, your place looks so great! I love getting to see a little of your new home.


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