25 September 2008

Yes- wee bit obsessed lately

with ice cream
(it is still warm enough for sleeveless shirts and flip flops here- so hot enough for ice cream in my book).  

After the successful venture of banana chocolate ice cream (with additional chocolate bits) which they (children) lapped up, believing it was chocolate ice cream (sadly they are not big on fruit in the raw- yes crazy  and terribly humiliating for me).  Luckily little Stella is the exception- the girl LOVES eveything.

I was itching to make a proper chocolate ice cream (adult very dark sort) so trekked around Zabbar looking for single cream (which is not easy to find- is everyone on a diet here?! I had the same trouble when looking for just straight butter). Anyways have made some dark chocolate ice cream... with orange zest, bit of vanilla and using muscovado sugar instead of white (because that's all we had) real tempted to add something else ... something crazy like nutmeg but no could be terrible and I got carried away last time. Will include a photo and verdict tomorrow. 

And so as not to bore the life out of anyone reading this who does not particularly like ice cream- 

this site is EXCITING 
(if you are into discovering new music)- kind of like Pandora but I think Europe based.... 

Verdict on Chocolate orange ice cream--good creamy texture, liked the hint of orange rind but the chocolate didn't turn out dark enough- will be forced to do my Dads famous dark chocolate hot fudge sauce to save the day. No more baking with that Cadbury cocoa.  

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  1. Jupe, I have a killer chocolate sorbet recipe...but it is up north. It is cocoa based but with espresso and cracked black pepper, a little cayenne and a little cinnamon.Yummy grown up stuff.


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