25 April 2009


Have been meaning to see the film Slum Dog Millionaire for months now and at long last we did this weekend. Somehow knowing that he probably wins the show and having heard bits of interviews with  Danny Boyle made me hesitate to actually see the film, but am so glad we did. Really a good film, was particularly blown away with the cinematography- genius. 
We watched it on Dvd but I really wish I had seen this film on the big screen. 

When looking up Anthony Dod Mantle (the cinematographer) was really surprised he also did the filming of another  film I absolutely loved - Festen (The celebration in English) and a few other Lars Von Trier films (am a big fan of the Dogma films and The Danish Kingdom series) pretty dark but so good. I so love the way that a good film can bring you somewhere else in such  complete way.... think I may have to see the Antichrist (newest Lars Von Trier film... although it does look Very Dark). Starring one of my fav's William Defoe and hey- Charlotte Gainsbourg ( daughter of Serge Gainsbourg) am a fan of both. Guess it will be out in August(in France). 

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