22 April 2009

Waisting Time (again)

Aire de Bardenas

Oh to have a get away... normally April is not the time I think about this but it's been so wet and windy here that I find myself itching for a wee get away. Finances are looking grim at the moment but no harm in looking right? Maybe next year... this place definitely looks intriguing.. and this Global Nomads website is pretty cool to troll through.
BTW - this last week's edition of This American Life is quiet entertaining... certainly thought provoking. Four very different acts.
Think I must also listen to some of these Of this I believe essays (have been out of the country the last four years so have not heard any so far) does sound like an interesting project though.

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  1. i just started listening on my walk this morning - it's great so far. made me want to sit down and write an essay just for myself. great tip on the global nomads site - i might do some armchair travelling tonight too!


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