23 April 2009

My Family and Other Animals

Summer reading as suggested by my friend S. in Winchester. Family life on another island from what I hear. Am really hoping to get back into reading once this course is finished, have a growing list for this summer (if I am able to sit down for more than two minutes). 

Funny thing... my middle child.. has taken to declaring her love for me...(constantly)... 'mama I love you'.... then five minutes later in the midst of when I am sweeping cheerios  off the floor (ahh the endless stuck cereal Destructo leaves behind) as I am ushering the kids to go brush their teeth...she starts again but I love you today mama....  maybe she is just warming up for the daily battle (who will 'mama'  buckle in today). Unfortunately there are four sets of this competition every day.    
 Recent music choices-- Shampoo by Elvis Perkins and ohh something Pandora like I think.... a radio station designed to your tastes... am just exploring it now- last.fm


  1. That's a great book choice. I really enjoyed it when I read it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoyed it. I think yours looks really nice and I love the pics.

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation. And I too recognize both routines: the 'I love you' game and the sicky food that gets (and stays) everywhere. Great film recommendations too - my netflix queue is very happy today.

  3. Oh, treasure that "Mama, I love you".

    I miss that so MUCH!! My girls are grown, but they do tell they love me, just not in that little girl fashion.

    Cookie, my grandson does.... "Gram, I love you"


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