22 September 2009

Colours of Fall: Day two

Certainly makes me want to get on a train and travel off into the sunset.
Not feeling totally satisfied with this, I looked back at some old photos and realised that for me
fall makes me think of my daughters, for they were both born during this season and I connect it to 
those last days of being pregnant and then the settling into winter with a new born. 
This is a photo from my older daughters birth, she was born at home, in Malta
(we were renting an old house in a place called Zebbug which means olives). 

This was our bedroom, the early afternoon light had an unusual effect on the room. This was one of my favourite things about this house.


  1. so beautiful - what a wonderful memory. and perfect for burnt sienna - happy fall color week!

  2. Thank you. Even though it's still in the mid 90's here, this week of fall colours has put me in the mood to make autumn inspired soups. like my favourite Pumpkin, Ginger and coconut soup. (Luckily it does cool off by the evening now) so soup is no longer unthinkable.

  3. Your pictures took my breath away. How very beautiful!

  4. beautiful photo!! I can so relate to wanting to make soups and bake!! If only it can get a little more colder. We were about to melt this morning while we were walking round our town to do some errands. Kids were crying to go home and put the ac on!!

  5. Thank you, wish I could say I was good at taking photos- luck of the light.

  6. Those photographs are absolutely stunning!! You both look so happy in the middle one and the colour in the last one...well, like Freckled Hen said, breathtaking!!


  7. Ha ha ! - same thing happened to us, we were on a long walk to Birgu through the crowded market when the rain started (was actually a relief) it's so humid now! Am having second thoughts about the soup.
    Wish we had AC, still have not won that battle with my husband.

  8. Thank you Carol, we WERE very happy and I was so relieved that it was a far quicker and smoother labour than my first born.

  9. Absolutely beautiful photos!

  10. What a gorgeous and touching photo of your little family.

  11. Your blog is gorgeous!
    I'm so glad you found me and left me such a nice comment!
    I'll be visiting you often too.
    What beautiful pictures of your family.
    thanks for sharing.

  12. beautiful and amazing...thank you for sharing these intimate photos.

  13. came here via guusje.
    love this post.

    greetings from holland

  14. Thank you MUS!
    Just peeked at your blog and its great! So wish I could understand Dutch! Looks like you have your hands full with three as well!


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