25 September 2009

Colours of Fall: Day Five


Not sure if it totally counts but there are some nice shades of purple in this fabric by Heather Ross, and how sweet a name, Underwater Sisters (but really it's the octopuses that are the clincher for me) . This Fabric can be found on Etsy here at Uberstich.


  1. The octopuses do it for me too!! I love that fabric :-)

    C x

  2. My daughter loves octupuses. Octupi? It's her favorite thing to say in sign language.

  3. That is a sweet name for fabric. Thank you for your nice comment. I, too, will be visiting you. You have a lovely blog and an exciting life! We used to live on the other side of the Mediterranean in Turkey. We miss it.
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Nice colours!! I never thought of buying material online.......maybe i should go take a look now! The only problem is I tend to like a piece of material buy it and then get stuck to not knowing what to do with it.

  5. i started to really find octopuses charming for kids last year. and mermaids- of course!

  6. W.D.
    Octupi, yes of course! Sorry Octopuses is a mouthful to say! Very curious how you say it in sign language!! In Maltese the word for Octopus is Arnita.

  7. Maggie May,
    Octopus have been more a favourite on the plate then on cloth or paper since we moved here. They are so tastey with pasta, they turn deep red/purple when cooked and together with olives, parsley and tomatoes are wonderful. I do love the curly movement of the tentacles and who doesn' like the song- in an octopus's garden in the sea (Raffi)


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