23 September 2009

Fall Colours : Day Three


What girl goes without a bright yellow pair of shoes right?!  I think Malta must be having an effect on me, am going for bolder colours these days.
Here is day three of Elsie Marley's colours of fall week.

They are quiet a lovely mustard colour in real life but appear lighter in the photos.


  1. Nice shoes, its unusual to see a pair in yellow..


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  3. great photos...and I love the shoes! If only I could squeeze my feet into something like 'em...

  4. I love your shoes! and yellow mustard IS the color of this autumn!
    Malta has an effect on you, for sure, but for the better!

  5. Thanks E, Feeling like I am waking up and getting more into life here (taking more photos as the days go by is one of those ways) appreciating this time and this particular place. Life changes so fast. Mine as well have fun with it.

  6. Love the shoes but more impressive is that you have opportunity to wear them with three little ones to chase after. I've worn Tevas all summer!

  7. Thailand changed me colour wise too!! I never used to wear bright colours and now I find I have a wardrobe full of them!!


  8. Admittedly Melissa, it's been 99 percent flip flops here, with the occasional high heel (much more of a dress up and go to a wine bar or walk by the sea culture here than what I am used to). It is fun to dress up again, after 4 years away from family it is nice to have a date night where the kids all sleep over at their grandparents and A and I get the chance to appreciate each other.

  9. Thanks Carol, am loving your photos!!! They are so vibrant and striking. Really beautiful!!
    Funny that your wardrobe too has been affected by bright surroundings.


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