29 September 2009

The joys

Little Destructo
of parenthood sometimes are beyond measure, there are some lows however and today (which should have been my sons first day of  'big kid school' ) was one of those not so joyous days. He and my little destructo are sick with a cold/flu type thing, not pleasant I admit, but I had to go out and do a few errands with them (bread, milk, Medicine and garlic).  Mr. T (who is our most dramatic family member) decided that a small crowded pharmacy would be the best place to stage his dying moment, hands on his throat he gets on his knees and starts yelling- ohhhh I feel a like  I am going to ...BURP, NO NO  I think i am going to THROW UP!!!! I rolled my eyes and tried to have my cash ready to go, being next in line (having seen him 5 min earlier begging to go on the swings and asking for a crackers) I had a sneaking suspicion he was NOT going to throw up (he had also been saying this for the last two hours). Meanwhile little destructo had reached out of her pushchiar and was one by one pulling the bottles of hair conditioners off the shelf, reaching down in a flurry to gather them back up I then turn in time to hand the woman behind the counter the doctors prescription, and ask to buy some hand sanitizer..(maybe it's time to start carrying this in my purse) Bird flu seems to be on everyone's lips lately here. As the pharmacist  is reaching over with it I see the womans face go a little stiff, (this is mind you a minute after my sons throwing up declaration while splayed out on the floor occurred)  to the annoyance and alarm of customers in the que behind me. Just then I look down to see she-who-lives-for-sweets  L. (3) quietly running her mouth (open) along the  counter... so much for keeping the kids free of germs with hand sanitizers! Who knows how long she had been doing this before I noticed her. Yes- we were a spectacle no doubt about it. Never a graceful exist either with three,  trying to reverse a pushchair in a small glass shelved crowded space with a kids holding on to either side, and no one leaning forward to help with the door. I won't bore you with the further adventures of our walk into town but there were many.

p.s. Needless to say little Mr. T never did throw up and today (wed) his fever has gone AND he lost his first tooth! The school will not allow him back without a doctors letter however so back to the pharmacy we go (thats where doctors do their private hours), won't they be happy to see us again!


  1. This brought a smile to my face, why do I always feel as if I am the only one "on display" with my children in public? It is comforting to know there are others out there! My two year old was licking the bottom of one of his brother's gym shoes this morning--this is the child who will take three hours to eat a few bites of vegetables.
    Love the picture you shared...

  2. Yes, you are not alone! The bottom of a gym shoes, that's good.Ha ha yes-remember my son licking the metal railing in the big lift at Heathrow one grey morning on our long way back from the states... and with all the bags and little hands to hold I lacked to see him in the act till at least a few of the other people in the lift had noticed it. Oh the shame! My son is much the same on the vegetable front, hoping he and his sister out grow it!
    Thanks- doesn't our little destructo look sweet (don't be fooled she is mischief personified).

  3. Makes me shudder! These things seem to happen all the time! How do they know what you aren't supposed to do? Have to hope that it only strengthens their immune system in the long run.

  4. Yes, I think as a parent you have to just move on, laugh about it later and hope they survive their childhood.

  5. Ha!! It is somehow comforting to read your post today. There are times when I feel fumes coming out of every hole in my body and every one giving me looks ( especially shop owners!) when we are faced with such issues. oh and like you said ........exists are never graceful!!

  6. Oh my...I really sometimes thought I was the only one who got "looks" from strangers. Ug. Oh well - life goes on! I can't believe your daughter was licking the counter though, that makes a germ-freak like me totally grossed out. Eeeewww. LOL As for hand sanitizers - we use them too of course, but we also take our Vidazorb kids chewable probiotics to keep the good bugs in control of our body! When you use the hand sanitizers, they also kill the good bugs. I am glad that we are bosting our immunities with them and I like that I too can carry it in my purse since it does not need refrigerated. Anyway- just smile and move on! I just tell myself those strangers with the frowning faces must forget what it is like to be a kid!

  7. Not exactly licking, just sort of resting her lips on the edge (either way it was gross) and of all places!
    I don't think we can get the Vidazorb kids chewable probiotics here- they certainly sound official. So far knock on wood apart from one or two colds a year the children are usually well.

  8. I know I shouldn't have...but I couldn't help it...I laughed!! Actually, I didn't just laugh I 'eeewww'd' and then laughed (not very supportive I know but I just couldn't help myself!!)

    If it makes you feel any better my mates little girl went through a phase of licking bins in public places!!

    C x

  9. Oh, I really, really shouldn't tell you this, but I'm a bit pleased that other families are like mine :-)))))))))) Sometimes I just wish to get in a spaceship and fly off, better than running around trying to catch children ;-)

    Big kisssss

  10. Love knowing that there are other mums out there- good wonderful loving mothers who sometimes have slightly wild children, children who sometimes do the dumbest things (usually this happens in public in my case).

  11. Carol, wow the bins now that is bad! Thanks made me feel a bit better about my sweet little girl ( who must have been day dreaming about chocolate as she waited at the counter).


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