28 September 2009

Wistful wanderings

Maybe it's fall setting in a bit here, maybe it's having had visitors from Germany these last two weeks, but (Mostly Berlin)  has me yearning to travel, to bring a book and wander through Berlin.. visiting some of the cafe's this blog has written about. I still have that tiny residue of Seattle with me I suppose, the love of a really really good latte, playful decor and a cafe that takes it's barista with total seriousness.


  1. mmm lattes cafes, Germany all sounds very good and somehow nostalgic !! I actually can feel that I need a trip to Germany too it's been almost a year since my last trip there.

  2. Thank you for allowing me to daydream a little bit... just made myself a fresh cup of coffee and will have it with chocolate shortbread biscuits... bliss!:)

  3. HI Dina,
    Last year- your lucky! I think it has been 13 years since I was last in Germany. Really thinking it would be nice to go this fall/christmas for a little break and to see some of the christmas markets! Just need to convince my other half.

  4. Annie,
    Am a hopeless day dreamer especially when it comes to travel, glad I could add to yours today.
    - J

  5. We had a good dose of serious cafes when we were in San Francisco last winter. It was a joy. Denver does not take its artsy cafes quite as seriously.

  6. Ah San Francisco, another place I have not visited for far far too long, maybe 10 years. Yes I would guess they have some very good cafes.

  7. There is nothing nicer than sitting with a good cup of coffee watching the world go by!! I love doing that.

    I've not been to Germany for years either...the last time I went was with my Mum and the hotel we stayed at was a converted convent...that had not seen much converting!! It was..erm...interesting!!

    C x


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