01 October 2009


So we begin, it is still here, a soft calm after a night of raging winds, rain and lightening. I am alone with my little Stella and school days have started in earnest for the older two. The small still moments, of coffee hopeful thoughts of plans for the day and soon a view from the rooftop (laundry to hang while the sun peeks through). May you all be having some moments of peace and daydreams as you make your way through Friday. - J  


  1. This is my first morning without the oldest two around as well, how special. The house is a mess right now, cornflakes all over, clothes on the floor, but hey! I'm starting with a good cup of latte, with music! Let's start with elizabeth Mitchell, always keeps me happy! enjoy your day!

  2. Nice to think of you up in the Netherlands sipping coffee amid the chaos of small children too. Ah yes, it's been awhile since I have played Elizabeth Mitchell- thank you for the suggestion! Enjoy the day with your small one!

  3. I'm sitting at my drawing table working on a new painting. The sun is shining, there is a lovely cool breeze coming in the window, I have a big mug of hot tea, a cat sleeping on my lap and Florence and the Machine playing softly in the background...a lovely end to a rather fraught week!!

    Have a good weekend

    C x

  4. Carol,
    Sounds like quite a pleasant end to the week, I find it is these small moments sometimes that are so entirely unplanned and lovely. Centering space before the next rush.
    Enjoy your weekend
    x J

  5. Those first quiet days when the kids go to school are bittersweet. Yeah I like the silence but also miss (just a teensy bit) the chaos.
    I like the way you write...it's poetic...hanging the laundry on the rooftop after a stormy night. Doing laundry here is not nearly as much fun!

  6. My older two have started school too this week. It was just me and little Leah who is ever so demanding still on her feeds :) wish you a good weekend.

  7. Freckled Hen ,
    I think with the small one still around there is a fair amount of chaos still round here but yes, there is something bittersweet about the older two spending their days away from home now. Thank you for the kind words, unfortunately I did not manage to get the laundry down in time- sporadic rains came and the sprint with Stella up three flights meant I sort of gave up by the third rain, so the laundry is continuing to flap in the night wind on our rooftop (am sure this must be the tell tale sign I am a foreigner). Hoping for sun tomorrow!

  8. Bittersweet it is, mothers! I'm always pleased when the time comes to go to school and pick them up!

    Rainy days here as well.

    Have a good weekeind!

  9. Lovely pictures...beautiful autumn weather here too, and we were able to snatch some time en famille! Those are my favorite times.


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