27 September 2009

Post colour week : bit of blue

As suggested by Not Only in Thailand, a post colours of fall day- weekend blue.  It's Sunday here and we have just returned from five days in the North of Malta, in a small flat by the sea. 
The first picture is a bowl of peeled prickly pears ready to eat.  Am impressed with the shades of magenta, yellow, orange and green you find on the insides.

The sky skapes on Thursday and Friday were quiet spectacular, as the thunder storms rolled in.

Last beach days I think, the children had a blast. School begins here on Monday. May be time to put the buckets and spades away. It's been a good long summer.


  1. Wow, those prickly pears look fantastic! Do they taste good? Or are they a bit like an old pear, don't know the word in English :)
    Sounds like a good break to me, those beaches are gorgeous.

    Me too, dear, wish we could drink a cup at Starbucks!


  2. I love the contrast of the pink and orange fruit next to the blue door...looks beautiful!!

    Awww, the photo of your wee ones on the beach is gorgeous!! I love the little un's hat :-)

    C x

  3. Thank you Carol,
    The guilt, I somehow forgot the hats at home for the other two! Luckily we had a fair share of clouds.

  4. Guusje,
    The prickly pears are really nice to eat but ahem a little bit of an acquired taste as they do have really big seeds. Good for digestion everyone keeps saying.

  5. Gorgeous photos!!! Love them!

  6. and btw was the first photo taken at a flat in Mellieha??

  7. Zen,
    Thank you and yes, the flat is called Iris I believe.

  8. Stunning photos, all of them...but my favorite is the skyscapes. Oh to have seen them in person!

  9. Oh! I think I recognised it then cos my parents have got a summer residence over there and when we used to go for a walk by the sea I used to love looking at the old beach houses by the sea. They've got such lovely colours.


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