11 November 2009

Bit a South London ...bit a Brooklyn

ok some new music has gotten under my skin....feel the urge to share, these are the XX - listen (twice if you can.. the second time round and it starts to sound really quite good). Maybe it's me- Brighton- bit of Electrolane... who knows...let me know what you think!

also of note is this good looking childrens book- listed among the New York Times best illustrated new childrens books... like the bizarreness...amid normal every day...(perhaps this is also evidence of the fact that I  have a house full of deep sea appreciators.)... oh sorry this book  (TALES FROM OUTER SUBURBIA ) says it is meant for 12 year olds... darn. .. 

but this (All The World)  looks good too! 

ok- some more melancholy type music- for your rainy day ears... Sharon Van Etten
...oh Brooklyn,  home to so many gifted artists!!


  1. Just listen to the XX link.
    it's great! thank you Juniper! I love their mix of genres.
    and did you notice that the main guitarist is a woman!

  2. He he I thought you would like it, meant to bring their cd to you this week but the time slipped away! Would love to meet up next week! x x


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