09 November 2009


As autumn storms rumble overhead and flashes of lighting light up the windows, the house falls quiet again. Another day ending...the children all bathed and tucked into bed.
A short while ago from between the requests, whines, spills, homework spread, cooling chocolate cakes and bubbling vegetable soup came the memory of a song.. a song that from first hearing it got under my skin and enchanted me, and now I turn to hear the soaring voices again... cascades of melody melancholy dark depths and soaring hights... (if you haven't seen it, in my humble opinion it is well worth  taking the the time to find)  The Chorus, a French film.

Here is a bit of what I am talking about. this is a fancy version of the particular song that swooped in and pulled me out of feeling defeated amid the mess, ticking clock and long list of things I did not manage to get done today.
*funny thing was when I did find it and play a few songs, all three children stood completely still, oddly transfixed.. in particular little Destructo who at the end started trying to sing with it.


  1. Oh I loved that movie and it's music. It does what all great art should....expresses what the heart is feeling and the brain cannot. It will have that effect on whoever experiences it. Thanks for the reminder. It makes the heart stand still and examine itself. Even on a sunny day.

  2. We were shown parts of that movie during one lecture. The idea was to discuss the way leadership was dealt at that school. I remember it was one of those few interesting lectures. Last summer a friend of ours then managed to get hold of a copy and invited us over at his place to watch the whole movie. The angelic voices of the kids is undescribable - esp the fair haired bony boy who sang solo. I really felt sorry for the protagonist. He had really worked hard but his work was not appreciated.

  3. Beautiful! I'll try to find the movie, sounds promising.
    Big kiss, jupe!

  4. Mlle, I totally agree and it is wonderful when it can effect you long after the initial exposure.

    Zen, yes a somewhat sad ending but realistic, that last scene was so beautiful... it makes me teary just thinking about the airplanes drifting down as the boys voices ring high and he slowly walks away.


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