08 November 2009

unassuming beauty .....Gidra

Not sure what it is called in English but after a small mix up at the vegetable stall I ended up with this (had asked for beetroot greens).  I was so struck by the beauty of it that I decided to take it home with me.
So thought/challenge of the day, find something of beauty in a place you don't normally expect to find it.


  1. It called kohlrabi ... good cooked in oven bakes, steamed with olive oil drizzled on it or raw with hobz biz-zejt;)a Maltese staple, ask hubby!
    More info from here

  2. Thanks! I guess I have had it then, in the states but never saw it in it's full form!

  3. what a lovely challenge indeed. I spent my weekend paying attention to where I could find the beauty of light, at least in part, in less than usual places. I love any ways we can stop, slow down, and pay a bit more attention to life.

  4. Hi, this is a turnip and I used it to make the local winter soup 'Minestra' that also includes potatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, onions, cabbage, cauliflower and also barley. There are alot of versions of this minestra. I might actually do a post about it soon and also make it at home now that the colder days are sort of kicking in :)

  5. Dina, Funny I just finished making minestra (yes with everything you listed plus karfusa) !! Perfect for this stormy night.

  6. It is beautiful! I love vegetables that taste of the earth, and this looks as if it might!

    Wonderful challenge, btw...I'll have to think on it.

    I love your new profile photo. Not that you could take a bad picture ;)

  7. i put lentils or bartoli or dried broad beans in my minestra plus the above mentioned veg... sometimes i put mung beans too or the four all together... it does come rather thick tough but extremely tasty!:) The other day I even added an aubergine... A proper hallata ballata!


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