02 November 2009


As I got down our laundry flapping away in the wind and drizzle I captured a view from the rooftop this morning.

Oh glorious rain (it seems to be sunny and bright 49 of 50 days here, so today I am loving the dark grey stormy sky today and the chance to have some cozy time with the kids (school holidays at the moment).  So it's potato stamps, playdough and some all together baking lined up (and maybe some sewing for me).

Must say we have had a great weekend here, largely filled with cooking, eating and socialising. Can say in all honesty we have been cooking up a storm in this little house, from five course dinners for a dinner party on Friday to six (each different, large French savoury tarts for a Sunday birthday gathering), and sweets wise a sour cream mace tort, a chocolate mousse with a fig and honey whip cream side, and a plum upside down cake. Some of the mains included pumpkin, feta, toasted walnut and mint fatyer, a greek cypriot beef stew and a roasted cumin and beetroot soup (looked nice with the intense red drizzle of yogurt and fresh parsley garnish but I had no clean hands to grab my camera).  I found the beets so striking (featured above) that I took this photo. Sadly that is the only food photo I had a moment to capture over the weekend. Juggling cooking and three smalls means you are on the move at all times.

It's been a feast of smells and colours here, always seems to bring my husband and I closer together, which is always nice,  we both love cooking.  The flip side of when the kitchen and food take up priority is the effect it has on the rest of the house.... the piles of laundry and scattering of toys, crayons and papers seemed to have gobbled up the rest of the house so we, ok 'I'  am digging my way out today. Strong cup of coffee at my side and the intention to blast some music. Am ready for the day.
Hope you are too.

Oh and guess who has joined our family!
Little Pepito the monkey (made by talented Elise over at My Funny Valentine).
Check out that cool tail!

Destructo is one lucky lady!


  1. Oh! It seems you had a blast of a weekend!!! How did you manage to do all that baking and cooking??

  2. My goodness you sound like a marvelous cook! Wish I could come to Malta and have dinner with you :) Your whole experience over there seems amazing. How did you end up there?

  3. Zen,
    We did, the highlight must say was the birthday gathering was at a small park with animals, and they had baby deer and new born baby goats-which were so sweet. The kids loved seeing bunnies, geese, sheep and ponies up close. We were up Sat night till nearly 2 baking (but watching a film in between putting the tarts in and out of the oven). We splurged on a really nice bottle of red wine and quite enjoyed the evening together.

  4. Jemm,
    We love cooking and meeting new people, so if you do find yourself in this part of the world, your more than welcome to come round for dinner!
    Will have to tell you how we came to be here then, the short version is my husband is Maltese and after 7 years in the Uk we decided to buy and fix up an old house here.

  5. Lovely weekend!! I love that little monkey..so cool!! I also like the nickname of your little sweet girl 'Destructo'. You mentioned you went to a park where they have animals... is this a public park? could I ask where, my kids would love this.

  6. Dina,
    The park we went to is Razzet tal-Hibiberia and it is really a nice place, has a very small old train station and a nice play ground, shaded picnic area and lots of animals for the children to get close to. The family of deer are so tame they nuzzle your hand! Plus all the proceeds go to the charity that supports disabled children.


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