03 November 2009

Christmas books on the mind today...

A moonlit hour restless and what a discovery (thank you internet), I can't wait to get this book for the children for christmas.

 and then there is this one, which I remember reading as a child.... (is it obvious I had hippie parents with a name like Juniper and books like this).

and ohhh and a new illustrator discovery that I must share-
Lizbeth Zwerger (new to me) but I do think I may have seen the cover of her thumbelina at the library in Brighton. Love her style of drawing.


  1. Ooh, I love it too!

    And Zwerger is one of my very favorite contemporary illustrators.

  2. Lizbeth Zwerger is a star among picture book illustrators. I have the book that you've shown here and the illustrations are amazing.

  3. That last illustration is absolutley beautiful!! I love the red with the blue/grey!!

    Oh, since you like travel....have you heard of an A to Z of possible worlds? (A.C. Tillyer). It's fictional short stories based on letters of the alphabet and it comes in a box set. I just love the idea and thought you might like it too

    C x

  4. Typical waldorf/steiner books!

    And the Poppy's Love them!

  5. Seems Lisbeth Zwerger is a familiar artist for most of you! My order is in the mail and I can't wait to add these under the tree for Christmas!

  6. Every year, even though my children are LONG past being read to, I dig out the box of Christmas books and set them out on the coffee table. That's when I truly do miss the hours and hours I spent reading to them. Permit me a sniff now...

    How about a fun Christmas book for YOU? It's "Cancel Christmas," and is just a bunch of fun. How can Christmas impede profits, the Scrooge-like character wants to know? It's a fun story of what greed can lead you to do -- and an observation about politics, and abuse of power, too. And as I said, it's a fun read.

    Enjoy those christmas book-reading memories, too!

  7. I discovered your blog today on Camilla Engman blog comments! What a nice surprise. I plan to read more, but on first brief read, I love the mood and the photos and stories are a nice break from the routine here. I, too, love Lisbeth Z...she's amazing. Thank you for sharing! Cheryl (in MI)


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