05 November 2009

daily pleasures

I came round the corner this morning and under our list of things to buy and meal ideas for the week was this drawing, my middle child - the very nearly four year old had just finished, she explained it was a caterpillar holding balloons (and yes those are doors all over it's body). very time I look at it, I can't help but chuckle. kids are funny.

Nice quiet moments - busy on the day's masterpieces... or is it rock painting day again?

New life- the seeds have woken and every day the children rush out in their stocking feet to see how the little sweet peas have grown (we planted them a week or so ago). Small moments of joy, for them and for A. and I watching.


  1. I like the caterpillar with doors and windows. And I'm so proud of myself: I looked at those seedlings and even before I saw 'sweet peas', I knew what they were! Now if I could only figure out what the other two zillion plants growing in my garden were...

  2. Planting seeds and seeing them sprout is such a pleasant experience. Love the caterpillar....well done girl!! It's amazing how much kids like to mess up with paints ooops sorry not mess up but colour ;) (in my house this includes a metre radius around the child too)

  3. she is going to be the next Salvador Dali, I just know it!

    But hopefully she won't have the mustache.
    Or the mental issues.

    The talent is definitely there though!

  4. A caterpillar holding balloons! Of course it is. Brilliant.

  5. Yes- pure genius this one, quite a lot of abstract work goes on... which demands a good deal of explanation. This child collects rocks and dreams of chocolate. Her drawings usually include one or the other element so this caterpillar was out of the clear blue.


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