05 November 2009

Happy Friday

With the smells of orange blossoms filling even our little dusty stone ally, am inspired to put pen to paper and write a letter- (one of my goals this year has been to stay in touch with old friends by post and not just through the screen). So of course stationary is an important question (will embark on stamp making one of these days but more birthday parties to prepare for in these parts) so till then.... isn't this nice?

Take a look at what else is in their etsy shop here at paper pastries
or this

or something like this at http://www.etsy.com/shop/SilhouetteBlue


  1. how nice to receive a handwritten letter in good stationery. it is a pleasure equivalent to smelling orange blossoms i guess. lucky juniper's friends.

  2. I so enjoy writing letters and send postcards. I think we all should do it!

    have a good weekend, my dear!


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