18 February 2010

Am happy today

President Obama is not bowing down to Chinese pressure and will indeed be meeting with the Dalai Lama.
I am in awe of this very wise and compassionate being, and feel very blessed to have had the chance to meet him.


  1. did you? really?
    You met the Dalaï Lama?????!!!!

  2. Amazing to have met him. Our close friend did too, he was part of an art show that went around the world, one of 40 artists picked to do a portrait of the Dalai Lama. Lucky you.

  3. Yes, twice actually. I helped out in organising a teaching he gave just outside of Madison as part of the Kalichakra initiation and after that as part of students for a free Tibet he held a small meeting with us but that was a few years after. Even shook his hand. He has the most wonderful deep laugh and chuckle. One of his teachers (Geshe Sopa) lives in Madison and so he has made quite a few visits there.

  4. Oh lovely! What a blessing to see his photo as your blog opens up! Thank you. (yes, also had the honor of meeting him. What a treat!)

  5. Oh, meeting this wise man must be such an enrichment for ones life! He has an aura I think which even comes through TV but meeting him in real life, wow!

  6. They are talking about this meeting on Danish television this very moment.
    Wauh interesting meeting - both yours and Obama's
    Have a nice weekend

  7. What a blessing, no wait, TWO BLESSINGS in one lifetime! What amazing experiences to have as a young person; clearly that inspired you in your adventures in Nepal and that part of the world.

    So amazing.

    Thanks for the very sweet well-wishes about my Lemon. She seems to be pulling through but she's not out of the woods quiiiite yet.


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