15 February 2010


Carnival was fun this year (unfortunately we did not manage to take many photos of smiles and surprised faces, which honestly there were a lot of). The floats and dressed up dancers were highly entertaining for our little people. Next year I will plan better (she says) and try to make all their costumes from scratch. 

*Notice our Mr. T making sure to show us he is smiling through his robot costume, while the mermaid lady a barrel of smiles.

Little D has discovered  the robot costume and is often found walking(should I say bumping) around in it! 


  1. melt........ Mr. Robot, i'm in love........

  2. lovely! and your comments are precious and so are the little ones, Robot et al!

  3. Love the vibrant pics and that sweet Robot. Glad you had fun!

  4. Definitely gonna remember the robot costume!
    (this is your swap mate sneak peaking around the corner...)

  5. What lovely and colorful photos!

  6. The carnival at Malta looks like great fun and you don't have to freeze!

    The costumes are great and the smiles, bumbers, ... so sweet!

    Have a great evening

  7. It looks like a good day - can't stop smiling when looking at Mr Robot:)


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