09 February 2010

Got a minute?

I try not to post too often but I just can't keep quiet on this one- got to share. I heard a wonderful interview with Temple Gradin on NPR's Fresh air, she talks about what her life has been like living with Autism, the connection she sees autism having to animals... and how it has been to get her Phd and teach. It is insightful and really really worth a listen (yes Terry Gross the interviewer can be a little annoying) but it is so good and thought provoking. Click here to hear the show. Wish I could see the film made about her life , out soon I think in the states (with the talented Claire Danes as Temple). For TV only sadly.


  1. thanks for the heads up. thank the radio gods for npr on itunes. if not, i´d go a little bonkers here :)

  2. HI Jane, Am with you on that one, IPR and BBC Radio 4 as well!

  3. I just read an interview with Temple (great name) in a magazine. what a wonderful, interesting woman.

  4. oh no! please do not apologize, keep on posting! I will listen to the show. Thanks for this.

  5. Ga! I love you for this. My mom and I were literally just talking about TG last night, no joke, because my mom is a big horse person, has read all of TG's books, and happened to have just watched the movie with Claire Danes. I had no idea about the NPR piece- going to check it out right this very moment!

    And thanks so much for the *very* sweet comment about the show- it was such an honor to have that experience! You're the cat's pajamas. xo.


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