08 February 2010

You never know

Love when life makes a tiny twist and you stumble on something unexpected and beautiful. Amid our Saturday drive in search for a new picnic spot (and accompanied by moans from our boy child in the back seat with the sudden beginnings of an ear ache). We came upon the Chinese Garden, hidden in the outskirts of St. Lucia village, (who would have thought!) it felt like walking into another world. So unassuming, quiet and pretty much empty! Brought back wonderful memories of travelling through Yunnan Province in China back in 2000, of Lijiang and that pretty black dragon park just outside (am embarrassed to say I have forgotten the exact name of the park). Wish I had the photos to share from that trip but they are not digital and sit tucked away in a shoe box back in an attic in Wisconsin. 
Hope your week holds some tiny sweet surprises too. 

*Our little Mr. G. quickly forgot his aching ear when he spotted the maze of trails and inviting doorways. 


  1. My kids love this garden and I think it's so beautiful. In fact we did our easter egg hunt here last year and also came here for a couple of picnics and during carnival too. Kids love feeding the fish and seeing the turtles. I just wish we could go there more often. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. That is beautiful! I love going exploring and finding something unexpected...glad you enjoyed your trip down memory lane (and that you have found a new place for picnics)

    C x

  3. Picnics are essential - can't wait to Spring reaches Denmark - maybe we will find a mini China here too:)
    Btw Thanks for your comment, we had a great evening at my friend's house:)

  4. It looks like a pretty place for a picnic...and a pretty day as well. The sky looks so blue.

  5. What a find! How fun. Love the new banner (what a font, sister!).

  6. Never knew there was a Chinese garden in Malta. Crazy! But looks beautiful- will have to visit there sometime. Also the new banner looks great!

  7. oh! this is indeed lovely! and how delicate. Glad the little one forgot about his ear ache. I love your new banner on top of the page, really stunning!

  8. . . . tucked away in a shoe box back in an attic in Wisconsin. This quiet comment would seem to signify that your life hasn't always been so exotic.....but when I think that the photos in the shoebox are from a trip to China the quiet comment becomes quiet mysterious.
    Your blog is marvelous, Juniper!

  9. Thank you Lydia, yes there have been some adventures indeed. YOu just never know where a girl from the midwest will end up and the precarious positions she may land herself in.

    Thank you Melissa, Angela and Kenza, am glad you like the new banner.


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