16 April 2010

Flea Market

As promised some of last week's 'treasures' from the nearby Birgu Sunday market

Things I brought home.....
 A nice bubbly green bottle, perfect for lemoncello don't you think? 

 Some dainty little glasses, and some random tiny animals... perhaps to use on top of cupcakes or just to play with. 
Some retro paints in their original wrappings 
(I love the sturdiness of their little metal boxes) in fact I ended up buying two,and we have already put them into use!

and last but not least is a book, unassuming and outdated looking on the front...

But here is a sneak peak at some of the many stories contained within its pages.....

It had Doctor Dolittle and the Pushmi pullyu... how could I not buy it!!??
There were some spools of thread, buttons and ribbons that also made it back in my bag but perhaps I have already stuck on enough photos for this post!

ah and a photo from the market itself
Spotted- some jumbled old toys under a random table at the market
(sorry at the actual market I was too busy looking to snap many photos)  next time...

Happy Friday to you all, may be it be bright and cheery.


  1. Mmmmmm...lemoncello! And what a great bottle. I wonder what it was used for.
    The old toys are wonderful. Especially the old piano.
    xoxo, Jeannette

  2. Happy Friday to you, too! Lovely treasures, I like the book!

  3. marvelous! I love picturing you carefully uncovering and thoughtfully discovering all these treasures. A flea market in a place like Malta would be extra special I would think. Thanks for sharing your finds! Oh those watercolor tins ... everything :^)

  4. That stove at the top of the picture is exactly like one I had when I was little.

  5. oh! I love what you got and the book is amazing with all these treasures inside!

  6. What treasures you brought home! I adore that green bottle!

  7. That book looks fabulous...I'm not surprised you just had to have it!

    C x

  8. I remember seeing that guy selling old stuff in the market and I wondered if he would sell anything since he was surrounded by stalls selling new stuff. I had forgotten that there are people who look for these very things. Love the treasures you found.


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